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Bill McDonald, an award-winning journalist, had no intention of writing about the internet dating he began at age 69.

“What could occur on the dates of an old geezer like me,” he reasoned, “that would pique one’s interest or keep a reader spellbound?”

It didn’t take long for him to realize he’d failed miserably as a soothsayer.

One first-time date met him, quite intentionally, while she luxuriated in a bath of soapsuds and bubbles.

A luncheon date startled him with a fact not mentioned in her profile: She was the great granddaughter of Mark Twain, having discovered the kinship only two years earlier.

A sex therapist insisted on “smudging” him before he could enter her home. This ancient ritual had her wafting herbal smoke around his body to eliminate negative vibes.

These, and other noteworthy occurrences, led the author to write a fascinating page-turner, “Old Geezer Romancing in Cyberspace.”