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Book Overview

To the Only Wise God Be Glory and Honor is intended for those who feel hopeless during their times of struggles because had it not been for God on the author’s side, where would she be? Thus, it is an urgent call to those who do not know Christ to repent, accept Christ, and trust that God knows the plans he has for you. In this book, there will be subjects exploring an understanding of who God is, the names of God depicting his attributes, and how those names relate to God’s glory and honor, along with why believers should give all glory and honor to God, not in word only but by their deeds as well.


To demonstrate honor and glory to God is when one recognized that God alone is the “only wise God” to whom all reverence belongs as he is immutable, unchangeable, and eternal. Glory and honor should be given to Jesus Christ the redeemer and mediator of the sins of the world. Thus, the author renders a testimony of who God is to her and how personally knowing Christ has affected her journey. One shows reference of God’s glory by honoring and acknowledging those who are elderly, parents, and those who are given authority to watch over the souls of humanity. What does it mean to make sacrifices as glory and honor to God? The book will further detail who the devil is and how he is at odds with the work of God, Christ, and human beings. Mankind created in God’s image brings glory and honor to God. Thus, God grants promises, which are derived from giving glory and honor to God as revealed by sending the Holy Spirit to empower all humanity to live holy unto Christ.


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