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A century ago, a Rhodes Scholar from The United States is befriended by a student from Africa. These two students form an unlikely friendship at Oxford university and become life-long friends.


Years later, the American seeks out his black friend in colonial Africa and falls in love with the Dark Continent. A brief love affair produces a white child causing Andreas’ odyssey to take a turn into the next generation. The motherless white child is placed in the care of the black man’s family.


Two boys – one white, one black – are raised as brothers, despite the outrage of the white over-lords.


Violence, spiced with the slave trade, romance and pre-WWII Africa are the backdrop for this compelling story of a world separated by the color of one’s skin.


The heartwarming humanity and the harmony of the races are the focus of this author’s history; skillfully told in this historic setting. This adventure gives the reader a look into the past and how it influences present-day Africa.