On Becoming a Surgeon!



On Becoming a Surgeon! Do You Have What It Takes? starts with some Canadiana and then goes from birth through some retail, medical school and the internship of a young man and some related adventures he’s had: fights, erotica, events in medical practice and then what happened on the day Ms. Libby Zion died (March 5, 1984) – that was when many teachers and professors of medicine and surgery said that American medicine, as they knew it, changed forever…. And a couple of wars…. All of the medical/surgical activities: CPR, malpractice, triage and acuity, the way ER should be run and much more are all updated to 2018.

Through aphorisms, experts in various fields give running commentaries and while much of a medico’s (medical student/intern/young doctor) experience is described, the book comes neither with an MD nor with a fellowship in surgery!


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