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Have you ever reached that point in your life where you felt that nothing was quite right? You tend to find yourself growing more and more discontented and sometimes agitated by where you are. You often battle thoughts of guilt because even though things are not what you want, your life is better than what most people have. As the days grow longer, your discontent devolves into a disturbing dissatisfaction that perplexes the normal person who perceives that your thirst and drive for more in this life is selfish and unappreciative.


 I’m Stuck . . . Now What? instructs you on how to get from the place called stuck to the destined place you thirst after. In this book, you will identify with and take power over the daunting emotional roller coaster that traps you into complacency and fear of the unknown. This book will offer you a strategy to take the next step in your intentional success journey.