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Legacy Born

In a world like earth where citizens are all witches and warlocks, there are four children next in line to rule the world. An elusive man that hides in the shadows is targeting them. He threatens the lives of their people and the people around the galaxy.


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Essence Travin

Lifeday: September 7th 1998

Western Star Sign: Virgo

Western Element: Earth

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Favorite Color: Yellow & Pink

Favorite Season:Summer



Essence is the oldest of the four. She’s a big sister and a somewhat mother figure to them. She’s very overprotective and is the first to take charge. She holds the worlds and her people on her shoulders.

Nimora (Aka Nima) Swistun

Lifeday:June 13th 1999

Western Star Sign:Gemini

Western Element: Air

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Favorite Color:Baby Blue

Favorite Season:Fall



Nima is a smart-talking, blatantly rude, Sttuborn and most of the time selfish and self-absorbed. But she has a tender stop For her father and her close group of friends. She loves fashion and staying in style at all time. Her heart is hard to get close to because of her Mother.

Matthew Miccolt

Lifeday: August 26th 1999

Western Star Sign: Virgo

Western Element:Earth

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Favorite color: Scarlet Red

Favorite Season: Winter



Matthew is the calmest and collected of the bunch and is very sensible when it comes to situations. Because of him being so laid back everyone feels comfortable around him and approachable. He looks at Essence as his big sister and Nima as his little sister even though she’s older than him. But Kimberly is who his heart beats for.

Kimberly Travin

Lifeday: December 21st 1991

Western Star Sign: Sagittarius

Western Element:Earth

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Favorite Color:Amber Orange

Favorite Season: Spring



Kimberly is the youngest of the group, she is a bit shy and timid around other people that aren’t close to her. She second guesses herself a lot and has very little confidence in herself. But she is very protective of Essence & Matthew and Nimora when she’s not getting on her nerves.