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Mahindra Tiwary grew up in La Grange, on the west Bank  of the Demerara river in Guyana (where he felt he never quite fit in) with the guidance of two of the most illustrious souls (his mother and father). After completing his primary education, he attended High School in the city and upon graduation held a job for a shorth while after which he moved to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to further his studies.

Arriving in Waterloo he finally started to feel like he fit in, where he studied Business Administration and graduated with a major in Accounting and Economics. There after he moved to Toronto and spent years working (slaving away) in various jobs some of which was very rewarding. In Toronto, he became involved with a non-profit group (Shri Krishna Mandir) teaching an ancient scripture and its application in a modern age for the betterment of all humanity. His involvement led to an intense search for the finer meanings of the scriptures and its use in modern day way life. His simple interpretations are well received and appreciated by many from all walks of life in the different places and countries that he spoke on the ancient teachings. This led him for the last five years to start writing on the teachings of the Ramayana and the application of an ancient story in modern life at all levels of existence. Finally, he finished his second book Journeying into the Ramayana. Mahindra Tiwary currently lives outside of Toronto where he interacts with his community hoping to make changes in the lives of others through ancient Vedic teachings and by volunteering to the needy with food and clothing. His passion is to feed and clothes the needy. To read his blogs go to