Beyond ‘Gifted’ and ‘Ungifted’



When Heinrich Jacoby tries to convey a more accurate picture of the personal development of an individual or humanity as a whole, the purpose is not for the individual to merely develop one‘s own personality. He rather focuses on inspiring the knowledge and realization of one‘s own capabilities to unfold the individual potential to become a human being that is interested in the evolution of human mankind and thus in the positive and peaceful creation of its social conditions.

“Finding out about the ground underneath it and its own weight as it moves is one of the most important and most formative of all life’s challenges to an infant.” (page 165/166)

“Anyone who has contact with the ground, who is truly standing on their own two feet and is therefore standing up straight is not only upright but also has the courage to be upstanding.” (page 518)

“Where we come across conflicts, we face the problem of true independence.” (page 317)


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