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Jon Marañon has now spent four decades being involved in Costa Rica’s terrestrial and marine habitats, documenting the challenges and triumphs of his attempts to make an environmentally conscious sustainable living in this paradise. In The Gringo’s Hawk, he offers a unique first-person account of nature and persons in conflict and the difficulties of meshing human existence into the recently pristine coastal rainforests of Costa Rica.

His work promotes reader awareness of the natural environment, wildlife, ecosystems, and socioculture of this remote area of Costa Rica. Ecology and spirituality intertwine as he describes his journey in a mix of naturalist and lyrical prose that, along with humor and introspection, mark the style of The Gringo’s Hawk.

The Gringo’s Hawk represents the culmination of Mr. Marañón’s social struggles and the roles he has played in conservation, education, social well-being, and in establishing national parks and marine reserves in his area.

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