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Melodrama is a collection of poems portraying exaggerated emotions, spiraled around a central theme in each. This series is relatable, inspiring and shows real life examples with deeper meanings that may be applicable to your life in a different way every time you read it.

These poems can be read for leisure, fresh inspiration, relatability, a lesson, or just appreciation of the art. These poems will appeal to readers who are new to poetry; even those who are experienced readers will find the collection enjoyable. This whets your appetite and leaves you craving for more….

Unappreciated Phenomenon


Another lyrical synthesis:
Bringing thoughts to life with pure emphasis.
Like a newly painted architecture, this
Is more infectious than aspergillosis.

Feeds the bodies of arts on which we all rely
For fresh creativity when we feel dry.
An inspiration no human soul can deny;
Left in awe by elements we can’t defy.

Another cynical thought expressed,
Leading to another issue being addressed.
Seeing that our countless pleas are being processed,
Unfortunately, by what the system has confessed.

This is why I do what I do:
To inform those who care to know that the season is due.
Time enough this art is appreciated for its true value,
And not hidden behind its alternate use.

To ignore the art is mere indifference.
But to demote its value just doesn’t make sense,
For this body of art holds what we can’t recompense.
But just like Latin, we aim to make it past tense.

I have not just generous appreciation, but love
For this melodious art; poetry.
The silhouette of the body of words against the page,
How they gracefully meander with their expressive tones,
Soothes my spirit and makes me whole.