Book Overview



This family story began in pre-World War II America in western Montana. The family was dirt-poor, and hard work was constantly engrained. The expectations of a boy living on a small farm with his mother and sister are vividly recalled. Even as a young boy and teenager, he completed numerous chores and helped his mother and father support the family. And there were fun times hunting, fishing, and participating in sports.


Experience in ranch life provided a hands-on understanding and handling of animals. He assisted birthing, branding, feeding, and marketing cattle and sheep. His ranch work and livestock earned money for college.


Opportunities, via mentors, made higher education plausible. His chemistry research provided breakthroughs in science, leading to new products for business. He established new businesses. Coupled with his work ethic, advancements into executive positions continually lifted his career.


His psychological struggles of verbal abuse from his father were finally conquered and addressed, allowing him to escape the feeling of disappointment.