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The Walker

Breaking the Fifth Wall

Set near the Puget Sound of the Pacific North West, Jim Walker is struggling to come to terms with his life, and what direction he needs to take. Feeling like he isn’t meeting his true role, he questions the world around him. He questions why people act the way they do, why isn’t there more kindness in this world, why are people so keen to attack others. His heart is strong, and good, his words slow but he always walks forward. Dealing with tragedy and a situation that he never asked for. He moves forward everyday seeking what all of us take for granted, normalcy.

He has good intentions, he has a will but does he have the words? Can he spread his message, give hope to others the way he wishes? His hardships are many but his mind, his heart is always focused on others. When faced with uncomfortable thoughts or situations he’ll touch an object, and when a better image comes to mind, he’ll touch the object again, as a means to let go. To let go of negativity, of painful thoughts, to press forward for a better tomorrow.