Book Overview



In this parody of all-knowing capitalism, Frank Holmes survived the stock market crash of 2008 by parody, forming a rock and roll band called the Cherry. He is Odysseus in his parody of Homer and Joyce. It’s PG-13. Parallel to this plot is the story of a spy, Butch Bautsky. It’s a spy novel parody defending the FBI.


Universal and evolutionary, the congress can be a lifeguard. Article I, section 10 of the US Constitutional Law is used to attempt to void state government regulations, not federal regulations.


Article I of the constitutional law controls congress, not contracts and regulations, unless done right.


Republicans like to void regulations, and democrats like to protect people with laws, just like in The Jungle.


But this is only half of the story, worth many billions of dollars. Now it’s landlords and oil and state contractors. EPA 2015 voided federal regulations.


This is the opposite of the 1960s On the Road. This is, at times, intimate. I have found a flaw in the constitution itself.