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A Caregiver’s Bible To Excellence!

The Caregiver’s Bible to Excellence are for those who want ‘Excellence’ and will not settle for anything less; they want to be the best caregiver out there,This book was written for caregivers by a caregiver too. This 900 plus page book is loaded with everything a caregiver can Imagine, Tool Boxes, Medical Terminology,  Anatomy, Signs and Symptoms , divided sections e.g. Home Care, STNA’s, Long Term Care,  Caregivers Back Office, with resumes and cover letters. It even has a 7 day Fitness Boot- Camp for caregivers, and dozens of do’s and don’t throughout the book and that’s not all, it also has a section on  First Time Mom pregnancy stages and trimesters. And the list just keeps on going, Foster care, Family Care, Developmental Disabilities, Debt Free Caregiver work sheets, Life Coaching with hundreds of scriptures throughout the entire book,and  you’ll get a chance to meet some New Day Caregivers ,that will not only inspire you, but advise you too. As mentioned earlier, this book is loaded with everything you’ll ever need to achieve your goal at becoming the best caregiver the world has even seen. Once you get your caregivers bible, you will never let it go! This book will change how you do care-giving forever.


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