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Onions builds his reputation as being one of the best. As a hit man for ONI, the Office of Naval Intelligence, he’s seen and done enough to make him want to walk away for good. When he’s given his last orders, his opportunity to walk away turns deadly.


A politically connected banker is in trouble. Blackmailed by an unknown faction, the banker hires Onions to solve the problem permanently with deadly force. But no sooner do Onions go into action than his life, the life he hoped to have after retiring, is thrown into a tailspin that leads down a dark trail. Thugs try to drown him. His son vanishes, and a woman is murdered in his condo. It is all Onions can do to make sense of it.


Making matters worse, his poker buddies have another request. This time the stakes are higher. Can Onions regain control before there is any more bloodshed?