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Growing up in a somewhat negative home, we were at times told we could not become certain things and that some of the things we did were stupid. Although at the time it did not seem to bother me, I am realizing in my subconscious mind that that was taken in and applied directly to my life. I also took on this same pattern of parenting and would tell my children to stop being stupid or stop doing stupid things. I did not really realize that when you grow up, your environment is what shapes and molds you to be what you will be. If you are told you are stupid, you will consciously or subconsciously believe you are stupid. If you are told you are smart (even while making mistakes), you believe you are smart consciously or subconsciously. Your social environment plays a great part in your life, and in many cases, an individual becomes what they see.

Empowerment: Steps to Your Destiny is about changing your attitude and your perception regarding your life. It allows you to see things regarding your situation through God’s eyes.