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Studies have consistently concluded that many personality disorders and more serious mental disorders are believed to be the result of   dysfunctional family relationships, and very   often stem from the parent-child relationship. This makes sense; children initially learn important skills and behaviors from their families of origin. For example, parents are the first ones to socialize their child to say thank you and please, to take turns, and be patient. The primary purpose of this book is to assure that parents have the information they need to properly raise children who have the skills necessary to be successful adults and not end up in the Criminal Justice System. By the time youth end up in the juvenile justice system, it may be too late. They become labelled an offender or maybe even a predator. That label gives society the right to lock the youth up during which time they will be traumatized.


Sometimes well-meaning, uninformed, and frustrated parents perpetuate their children entering the criminal justice system to even other child serving agencies such as   social services. When parents are faced with children who are incorrigible, at-risk, or the parent is unable to care for the child due to their own personal problems, some parents will welcome the intervention of the criminal justice system for support. After their child has been taken into custody, I have had parents tell me, “you raise my child because I cannot do it.” Some parents believe that having access to a probation officer with a badge and powers of arrest, gives them the relief and respite they needed to address their child’s destructive behavior. My three decades of experience working with youth and parents in the criminal justice revealed that, in most cases, probation and social services intervention do not make youth better. Conversely, for most youth, their experience with social services and probation departments has resulted in ongoing delinquency and the youth transitioning into the adult Criminal Justice System. However, good parenting is the gatekeeper to the criminal justice system.