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Melisande is a baby dragon who lives in a beautiful meadow on a mountain. When she was very little, just an egg, Grandfather carried her away from the wars raging in the dragon world to keep her safe. She hatched from a golden egg that gives her nourishment and guidance.


Melisande is very curious about the villagers who live at the foot of the mountain. Grandmother and Olivia live in a hut beneath the large boulder at the foot of the mountain. Melisande hides behind the boulder and listens to stories Grandmother tells Olivia.


One day, Melisande saves the village from disaster. The baby dragon and Olivia become fast friends. Melisande places a golden tear on Olivia’s cheek so she can speak to dragons. One day, two greedy villagers see the golden tear and threaten Olivia, her grandmother, and Melisande.