Hope Over Fear – Book Overview

For those of us who lived through the Cold War years in Dallas, this book is a sometimes-painful journey through a past we would most like to forget. For younger people, it fills in gaps in our local history that had national and international dimensions. At the same time, it is a reminder of the integrity, tenacity, and courage of the few brave souls who kept faith in the sure knowledge that right will win out and whose leadership has led us to a new day in our city—warts and all!

This is the story of the Dallas Chapter United Nations Association, long overdue. Norma and Bill Matthews, both of whom are past presidents of DUNA, have done a masterful job of probing the past, ferreting out nuggets of history tucked into boxes and stashed away in family attics, backroom nooks, and office storerooms. For much of the time since its founding in 1953, DUNA has had no permanent home or office, and its records have been at the mercy of whoever was its leader, always with the possibility that succeeding generations of its founders would not recognize the merits of those sealed boxes and would destroy them.

Using endless newspaper files, mostly from the Dallas Morning News and some from the late Dallas Times Herald and Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Matthews’s writing team has been able to follow the founding, development, and leadership of DUNA and is vastly enriched by personal stories of individuals who kept the flame alive in good times and bad.

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Hope Over Fear

Hope Over Fear