Book Overview



Lanterns is Lorraine Joy McLeod’s second collection of poetry. As in Half Open Doors, her first book, the poems are simultaneously direct and mystical, accessible but exploratory. A poetry that reaches beyond its distinct individuality to substantiate the universality in each of us.



Where is the lemon eater

She of the darkest eyes

Yellow as a sunbeam

Striking in her thighs?

Where is the lemon eater

Sticky, oddly sweet

Kneading in her tower

Lemon-lovely wheat?

Breath of the lemon eater

Astringent, calming there

Breaking seed of seedling

Softly luminaire.


With this new collection we are once again being invited to slip through “a half open door” where we will find rooms full of language that is precise and gorgeous and thoughts that are challenging, wise and daring. And although each of us will enter in our own way, we can each anticipate finding a world that is ethereal and real, spiritual and grounded, unique and familiar, magical and true.

—Joan Schulman