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The McClain Brothers Michael & Brian are two wealthy investors running a billion-dollar investment firm on Wall Street. One night the brothers were partying at a night club owned by Merlind an Albanian mobster. A fist fight erupted between the brothers & the Albanians, resulting in the brothers getting thrown out. Humiliated, Brian buys an empty building down the block, turning it into the hottest club in New York City, booking the best artistes in the music industry. Eventually, Merlind’s club went out of business causing tension between the Albanians. Furious, Merlind orders a hit team to take out the brothers. Suddenly Edward, the father of the McClain Brothers was mysteriously found dead.

Now with the McClain Brothers at war with the Albanians, a slew of suspects involving Edwards murder, and Michael’s daughter violated by a serial predator forcing Michael to go after the rapist, clearly is a recipe for Vengeance to brew in their blood. Now they are forced to retaliate before they become victims themselves.