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Once upon a time…

These are not the fairytales of your childhood. Follow your beloved characters, through a twist of fate, into a realm of fantasy and magic, where the lines between good and evil are blurred.

A street-rat, seduced by power, and a genie, who can alter the destiny of mankind, confront the strengths and weaknesses of humanity. Delving into their own consciences, they face the ultimate decision: What will they choose?

A struggle against time. Fear drives the hearts of men. One woman can change the fate of a land. In a quest for revenge, she faces an impossible choice. Which will prove to be the stronger: hate or love?

In a land ravaged by evil, where ignorance is not bliss and innocence is easily corrupted, will the veil of darkness be lifted or forever blanket a doomed kingdom?

Will there be a happily ever after?