Glo is a remarkable Southern-born girl who will permit you a close-up and transparent view of her life story. Glo’s parents did not graduate from high school, but she gleaned something special from them that wasn’t found in a textbook. She discovered a priceless connection between family values, actions, and academic achievement. Glo candidly offers perspectives and strategies from her life journey, personal parenting, academic endeavors, and professional career. Her path included a disconnected and abusive father, five children sharing one bed, a roach infestation, and multiple academic distractions. She always had a loving and supportive family, tribe, community, and mother who strongly and consistently advocated for her family.

The goal of this book is to help guide families, parents, caregivers, educators, and communities through practical and relevant tips toward building strong foundations that result in phenomenal life outcomes. Glo invites you to find your place among these pages—a place that resonates deeply within and propels you to take action in your own life and perhaps in the life of someone else. May your destiny always lead toward generating learning opportunities.