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The Crusader

Frank Haugen had reached the pinnacle of success as broadcast journalist for the top rated cable opinion news show. He forges a friendship with US Senator Hank Tupper, who has aspirations for the Presidency. Haugen uses his TV show as a platform to preach tough talk on American culture. Tupper offers him a position as Drug Czar during his campaign for the White House with a promise that he can run his department as he sees fit. After some soul searching with his family, Haugen accepts Tupper’s offer. When the incumbent, Gerald Ashtor implements a policy to reduce the mass incarceration of minorities, he is ripped by Haugen for putting citizens in danger. A prisoner is released under the program and soon after kills the witness that sent him to prison and, it becomes a flashpoint for the election.


Jim Bach, Tupper’s campaign manager is no fan of Haugen. After Tupper wins the White House, Bach is appointed as chief of staff and his first goal is to get rid of Haugen as Drug Czar. He conspires with a liberal TV host, Tom Kelsey, by leaking embarrassing stories to undermine Haugen. This conflict forces Tupper to choose sides between Bach and Haugen.  When Haugen holds The President to his campaign promise; he gets a surprising response.


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