Poesy Bybone

Poesy Bybone is about the history of countries and is based on s.w.e.a.r.e.d. (let it be said, written, edited, analyzed, read, engulfed, and done). The numbers in Poesy Bybone, like the title, go backward, and it has plays and not short stories.

Its poetry form of writing should help adults read other countries’ history to their kids more easily. Kids like things that rhyme, basically the general common knowledge of countries. All the poems are my poems. All the scene plays and compositions are mine, too.

Poesy Bybone changes the way people think about some things. There will be mistakes in grammar, stereotyping, punctuations, and some slang. Is sweared a word? Shouldn’t

It be sworn? Take care.

Poesy Bybone – Gregory Von Lee