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The Lovers

What if we were immortal and we could alter our existence?  What great and terrible choices we would make?

The Lovers allows us to peek beneath the mortal shroud. It will take on a walk to both heaven and hell. Are you prepared?


About the Book

Andras and Keturah are immortals who once commanded the eighth order of the heavens. Their fall from the firmament was linked to their defiance of the gods and their hedonistic appetites. As they were cast down to earth, the cursed couple forfeited their wings and did their best to adopt the ways of mortals. However, Keturah didn’t feel a sense of longing and chose to abandon Andras for a human lover. In anger, Andras murdered Keturah but refused to accept the finality of their fate. He reincarnates every generation by stealing the souls of mortals in hopes that she will withdraw her decision. However, with each rejection, bloodshed and chaos follow.