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The Arrival of a Renewable Fuel Technology

Stop Climate Irreversibility Now!

This book is organized in three sections; first, the author foresees a type of automobile that can run on hydrogen. Secondly, a hydrogen station for a fill up to be initiated when running short of fuel, just like the present automobiles. Lastly, auto electrical and modules are covered. The author wrote this book because of the concerns over the danger that automobiles and industrial pollutants pose to the environment. This book seeks to provide technical change in automobiles and serves as instruction. The industrial revolution brought with it technological processes such as discovery of oil and its universal use throughout different industries and in automobile use. Environmental pollution became a problem in both developed and developing countries. Factors such as population explosion and urbanization invariably placed greater demands on the planet and over stretched the use of natural resources to the maximum. Fossil fuels are among the biggest sources of pollution. An alternative renewable source of energy is necessary to replace fossil fuels.