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My husband and I both went to Church before we were married and after we were married; we thought we were grown enough to do as we pleased. But when the babies started coming; somebody had to grow up and somebody had to have some sense. We started going back to church, which was my husband’s church and as the Lord worked on my husband; He was working on me too; we worked in the churching, singing on the choir and doing whatever was needed to do.

That when the Lord called my husband to preach. Many yrs after, our children grew up; left home, and went to college, the Lord blessed me to go to college and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree and my husband received a Bachelor of Science plus a Master of Devinity. Our whole family were in college at the same time. There is nothing too hard for God.

My husband and I had the sweetest marriage after we truly accepted Christ Jesus as our personal Savior. Having Christ Jesus makes a difference because it’s no longer I, but it’s about God.

He preached at a Presbyterian church for some years and from there to New Hope Church where he pastored until the Lord called Him home.