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Put Your Cards On the Table

This is a history of my relationships from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. As a black man in America, I was forced to take God and my world around me seriously because I came from a dysfunctional background. I was the youngest of six children of my absent biological father, who I felt did not care for the five black sons he created. My book deals with all factual encounters with reference to my understanding of my relationships. It is important for me to explain to the world that God had my back when I left my home at a tender age to attend this prestigious university. I had no family whatsoever in the Chocolate City, and I was only twenty going on twenty-one by myself. These are my memoirs, my history, and my experiences that God helped me write. I believe I can change the way we look at relationships because many black people in America come from dysfunctional backgrounds, such as a single-parent household. My mother was the father and mother to six children: five boys and one girl. God was clearly in this equation.

My book will bring more people together with reference to their newfound relationships. The key to a successful relationship is getting to know a person first before anything else happens, such as sex. In short, there are no perfect persons on earth, and there is no Utopia on earth, so the person you meet may not be the person that is meant to be with you. There should always be a six-month dating period. My book expresses the importance of getting to know their baggage before you make a commitment. My book is the history of my relationships that God allowed me to experience to grow as a black man in America.