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A 20-year-in-the-making lamentation on life, marriage and the existential intricacies of being, “Marriage Masquerade” offers a deep-seated exploration on the ‘invisible things that make up the visible.’


The book is a winding convolution of emotions that haunted Rana Justice because of marriage and all the struggles it entailed. A minister’s wife, she suffered unwarranted pain due to her unfulfilling marital ties. She fell into depression; some days brought painful blows to her aching heart, not able to find a way out. Interspersed in these ruminations are spiritual reflections which carried a source of hope to this fretful heart. The spotlight turns to the events of her former life riddled with guilt and deep, scuttling sorrows before it unexpectedly opens to new revelations too incredible for words.


The book ends with the untimely death of her spouse and her marriage to a new minister. Had she learned from the mistakes of the past, or will the marriage masquerade continue?


Aside from marriage, the book also tackles the subjects of abortion, drug abuse, self-esteem and finding hope and a new life.