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Married and engaged couples and singles as well as parents and families will be enlightened, strengthened, inspired, and enriched by reading this book. Written in a 30-day format and available as an e-book as well as paperback, each day covers one of the top 30 things we learned about marriage that helped us make it to 30 years.

Must read content includes:

God wants your marriage blessed and He wants you to stay together and keep your covenant. He wants the two of you to become one…one flesh. He has good things in store for your oneness. In fact, there are some things He has for you that the two of you can only get together but not separately. Together you have an inheritance: The grace of life!

Your inheritance includes: unhindered prayers, two can put 10,000 to flight, something better, two are better than one, experiencing the good and perfect will of God and undefiled marriage bed, dominion, a blessing, stability, commitment to dwell together in unity, work together, and fight together against a common enemy.

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