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Joe Buda witnessed how the elite power brokers become wealthier while the middle class became smaller in number and the poor became even poorer. Concurrently, he believes that the moral compass that had guided strategic decisions focusing on a better world for all has shifted to a false north that provided massive profits at all cost into the hands of the few. Such thought prompted him to write “Pilgrims Passage: Darkness to Light”.

The book is a fast action adventure, set in modern day Slovakia and addresses how dedicated individuals, who see the world as interconnected, band together to outwit the oppressive leaders of the greedy power elite, called the Black Star Pact.

“Domestically and internationally, citizens watch leaders use power to bully and minimize people while promoting extreme nationalism. No longer do people regard sitting on the sidelines as an option. The rallying cry is now and this book outlines a fresh approach to bringing meaningful social change,” Buda points out. “Justice demands that people heed this call, and now champions of change have a how-to that is weaved into a riveting international adventure.”

“Social change is possible. It starts with a small group of people committed to a new reality and gains global synergy. The powers at large, too often do not represent the middle-class and lower-class segments of society. Only when people decide to channel their anger non-violently will real change impact society. Violence only plays into their hand,” Buda concludes.



He integrates his time as a father, husband, sculptor, wood carver, and writer. Concurrently, he invests his philanthropic passion...

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