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I have always wanted to create poems of feeling and love, pain and anger that I have felt in life I would like to publish them and make a life of writing my feelings and insights. Some insights are born of problems of my own creation, some not. One insight is that I have wanted to write and have the work in print before more than just me. If most of my work were read it would have to do with my search for love, and my need to be committed to someone. I always seem to be involved but not fully committed. I ask myself time and time again am I incapable of being committed or has the person I would commit to come and pass in my many involvement.

At this point in my life I don’t know what the lord has in-store for me in this respect, but I keep hoping. I have been involved with some of the most fantastic women in the world every day. Black women, light ones dark ones, American, Non American, all of them. I am starting to believe the problem of which I speak was not with them but with ME.