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Designed To Become Divine The Role Of Peace

Mankind is not some cosmological accident. A chance happening on a grand scale, no, mankind is an incomprehensible, creative delight of God with a destiny that far exceeds mankind’s ability to understand. Glimpses of mankind’s destiny are fleeting at best, but fragments are seen on occasion when spiritual eyes have been opened to the unlimited possibilities of an expanded God-inspired mind. We must grow our mind to know God as He reveals Himself to us. This is vital. Education and knowledge are essential for life in the world. This book is about peace. Peace is obtained through knowledge and understanding of the divine nature of God and doing as He directs so that we become like Him. Mankind has been created by God to assume responsibility for assisting God in the management of His creation.



Know About the Author

Know About the Author

Rubin Perry

Rubin Perry is President of Atlanta RP Enterprises, an Information Technology Consulting company. He retired from IBM after 20 years of service. Prior to his time with IBM, he served in the U.S. Air Force attaining the rank of Captain and was an instructor of navigation and served as a Navigator on a B-52 crew. He is a graduate of Tennessee State University with a degree in Psychology…

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