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The Physician’s Wife

Reflections from the Diary
by Dr. Kathleen Weisel-Plumb


“I am the patient, I am the nurse, and I was the physician’s wife.”


These were the words that author Dr. Kathleen Weisel-Plumb spoke when asked why she wrote the story of her life. Hear her story in The Physician’s Wife, a personal account of her experience in a society with undefined morals and principles.


An expository account written with raw emotion, this book reveals the plight of the author which she unwillingly and irrevocably endured. Once in her life, Dr. Kathleen Weisel-Plumb was considered to be among the ‘privileged’ class. As a wife of a thriving physician, she lived in a wonderful home, enjoyed fancy possessions, mingled with a sophisticated social class, and much more. However, five years later, she found herself alone in a two-bedroom apartment, surrounded with emptiness. Why is this so?


In her revelation, Dr. Weisel-Plumb recounts the painful truth that pulled her from the comfort of her life and pushed her into another reality she was not prepared for. The Physician’s Wife confronts the reality which most wives choose to ignore—the betrayal, lies, and selfishness of their chosen partners.


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