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The WORD Diet


Foreword by Kathy Ireland,
Former Supermodel and current
Founder & CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide

Endorsed by:
~ Janis F Kearney
Clinton Presidential Diarist,
Author & Publisher

~The late E. Lynn Harris
Nationally Acclaimed Bestselling Author




Self-published Author Christian Book Award



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From the Foreword, Kathy Ireland – the former supermodel and current Founder and CEO of the $Billion Kathy Ireland Worldwide brand writes:

“This book and its author, Rhonda Holmes, are exceptions to all of my usual boundaries. I don’t believe in “Diet books”; however, there could never be too much of a diet when it comes to God’s word… These prayers will find themselves living in your heart. They give voice to the connection we feel with the Lord… “The WORD Diet”is the only Diet that has meaning and truly works…. It’s for eternity.


T. Greenlee writes:

Hello Rhonda,

I know that you don’t know me but I am a friend and former co-worker of E.G. She informed me of your book release and I purchased a copy as I used to receive your prayers via e-mail through N.B. The prayers I received via e-mail were extremely encouraging so I would not pass up the chance to have a book/ study filled with them.

I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that I truly appreciated you publishing this work. It has been a great guide for my morning mediations. The other day I got “caught up” and was almost late for work. J Praying the Word of God always brings great results! Your ministry is touching and instructing many. Thank you for being obedient. I pray that your prosperity continues…”


J. Kearney, Attorney and Legal Consultant writes:

“This is the quintessential self-help book for the believer. Faith … combined with verbal repetition and scriptural support found in “The WORD Diet” equals a recipe for success in every area of our lives…

In reading The WORD Diet, 30 Days of Faith – Creating Your Extraordinary Life With The Spoken Word, I was inspired to take a look at some of the circumstances surrounding so many difficult situations in my life. … this book is a must read… for those of us seeking ways to improve our lives.”


S. Paulson writes:

“I’m a regular user of topical prayer books and journals to use as resource in my prayer time with the Lord. …I use them as a guide for scripture promises and intercessory prayer for others. I selfishly used the Word Diet for my own spiritual growth. The advantage of the Word Diet for me was the interactive component “process” in each chapter. Thru the “Word Diet process”, the Holy Spirit healed me in areas that I had not even expected as I submitted to Him. And I want to encourage your readers that you do not need to follow the “process” perfectly, for the Holy Spirit to act on your behalf. The most powerful chapters were “God Says No,” As a female sales manager who traveled on the road for 25 years, I had a good laugh when the Holy Spirit revealed to me ALL of those times that “God Said No to the Devil” on my behalf. He even revealed to me the times God acted on my behalf for protection of family members as I obeyed and submitted my will to Him. Another power chapter was “Don’t sign for the Package”….a reminder of how “stinkin thinkin” can be detrimental to our faith walk. I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants a deeper walk with the Lord. This book is full of wisdom and power!”


The WORD Diet