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God The Holy Spirit Archangel Michael’s Proverbs Books 1 thru 5 shares Saint Michael Jesus (the) Archangel’s reflections and insights on wisdom, faith and spirituality in His new volume of Proverbs.


Each of the five books of proverbs contains the same number of chapters and verses as Solomon’s book of proverbs. Michael points out that King Solomon ended his book of proverbs with the description of the perfect wife, so Michael ended His book of proverbs with the virtues of a perfect husband to give guidelines to Christian women for finding that “perfect guy.”


Saint Michael teaches that we are all angels or angelas (female angels) from Heaven where we choose our mission or missions and our parents, and that our spirit goes into the fertilized egg at the instant of conception which creates the soul, the conjunction of the body and the spirit. Those who never remember their mission or forget it or reject it are the poor lost souls who thus doom themselves to Hell, as the Bible says, “he who believes and is baptized shall be saved; he who believes not shall be condemned.” (Mark 16:16). Michael teaches with His literature, His TV Show, “Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel News,” and His websites.


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