Le Pasteur Francois Akoa Abomo



That each of us, if he really feels called in this holy ministry through our Lord Jesus Christ,
to do so without reserve with love, respect, dignity and total devotion. That his message is not confused as I Corinthians 14: 8-9 says “And if the trumpet makes a confused sound, which will prepare for combat?

Similarly you, if by the language you do not give a distinct word, how will we know what you say? Because you will speak in the air. “We are all witnesses that Pastor Akoa Abômô had a message and that he clearly forwarded it to those wanted to hear it.

Let’s do as much to our time and pass the queens to future generations as he did’

What to do with the vices of Pastor Akoa Abômô? Do not forget what René said Descartes, “The greatest souls are capable of the greatest vices as well as great virtues “. We must recognize them and do everything to avoid them. Vice is a vice whoever commits it. It is a defect, a sprain of morals. Those who realize it must remember that they undermine the action of the man and throw fog on his virtues. As Chamfort also said, “foolishness would not be entirely foolishness, if she did not fear the spirit. Vice would not be quite alive, if he did not hate virtue.” Let’s avoid all the foolishness or vices of Pastor Akoa Abômô by what they hate his virtues. Such has been his case, so will be yours if you repeat them too.

Pastor Akoa wanted the Presbyterian Church to have the Bible in his right hand and in his left hand the constitution of the Church. It is not possible for an organization human can survive its law. The law encourages the weak and protects the abuses of the strong. She is equal for all, for the weak as for the strong. “As Alexandre Dumas said.

Pastor Akoa Abômô did not make the law the equal of faith, but he did not see how one can preach the God of the Bible in disorder. If there is no law, there is no of faith. As long as the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon does not establish this corollary in his principles of practical life of his faith, the danger of the return of souls to the primitive state will only increase.

May the Cameroonian Christian know that he is called to a new life that is modeled, not on living men, but on our Lord Jesus Christ who is revealed to us in the Scriptures and by his Spirit that dwells in us. Let’s open our hearts and minds to this the divine presence that is in us, and our spiritual tomorrows will be certain.


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