Book Overview



Collins flees the island of Puerto Rico to avoid the murder charges, leaving his wife and two children there.


The seven-year legal battle after two North American lawyers from the state of Iowa takes the defense.


This was Iowa’s first extradition hearing, which caused the United States Supreme Court to change the 125-year-old law of Kentucky vs. Dennison, and take the ministerial duty away from all governors.


The fight of a Puertorriqueno lawyer wanting justice to prevail in a society of political pressure, jeopardizing his career by defending this Norteamericano; the disappointing yet needed postponement of the trial; the lonely holiday season with tomato flavored rice is being the Thanksgiving meal.


The five-month seclusion made bearable by the beautiful Ocean.


The trial of January 19, 1988, coming to an abrupt ending when Collins pleaded guilty; the fear for our lives, knowing Antonio Melindez felt justice wasn’t served; the waiting period for the sentencing, the probation interviews; the “behind closed doors” promise by the judge; the political entry into the case sentencing, when the people of Puerto Rico let the Secretary of Justice Rivera-Cruz know they were dismayed at letting Judge Rigual give only a probation sentence.


Much of the culture and many beautiful historical places are described in the story. The exquisite homes, lovely people, religious sanctuaries, voodooism, and the political parties of the island, are all entailed in this true story.


Corruption in the judicial system is brought out during the election year, causing the Collins case to become a political football game.


The return to Iowa by Collins and his wife Gina, the probation and evaluation by Central Assessment; finding the disease of alcohol to have been the factor for this long fight, the assignment to the Powell III program and how the fight for sanity, stability and forgiveness are still being sought after, the anger of knowing that alcoholism was the cause of the totally destructive fire, the nine moves in ten years, the loss of all our friends, as well as the life of a young mother and her unborn child and how it affected so many people is told in this story.