About The Author


I.C. Howe stands for Illa Cameron Howe or “I see how.” I created stories with my cousins and with my friends ever since I was very young. It somehow added excitement to everyday living.

Drawn to drama, while attending London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, I decided I did not want to sing someone else’s songs or speak someone else’s words. I wanted it to be MY words, MY songs.

When I did not receive a couple of parts I wanted on stage, I started penning my own plays. After sending one to Norman Mailer, I followed his suggestion of mounting them locally. Two of them were staged off-off B’way, one off B’way, next to “Chicago.” Many reached Cable network.

After many rewrites, I bring you my initial first writing effort, my first novel, REDEMPTION – She’d Never Hurt A Fly. I am published in poetry.