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Before I grow too old to remember my/our past, I will share it with you. I am writing this autobiography for my family so that we will be able to learn something about our families from the distant as well as the more recent past. While I know this story won’t be all pluses, it gives me one more chance to revisit those years and to express feelings that I never paused long enough to consider before but now – from a perspective attained only by age – hold precious.


In recent years, every memory that popped into my mind, every idea that entered sideways, every intention I ever had, I noted on a post-it. I have now assembled all of them to write this memoir of my life up to now.


Last winter, my daughter Amy and I stole away to Florida to escape the cold of the north – only the north didn’t have any cold that year, but at least I had five free weeks in which to start. Since then, I need no longer find an excuse to write and remember. This journey back has developed an insistence of its own. I offer it to you now, my loved family and friends, and invite you to join me on my journey.


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