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You, we, me are the artwork of magnificent creativity. The only replicas of our forms would be twins, triplets, or quadruplets, and etc., etc. To be who you are is displaying to the world that individualized piece of art which you truly are. To copy . . . is a form of flattery, but we were designed to be so much more. African-Americans, Asians, Blind Caucasians, children, Chinese, Deformed Diseased, Elderly, Females, Gypsies, Handicaps, Homeless, Homosexuals, Indians, Italians, People, Puerto-Ricans, Short, Slim, Tall, Young and the Entire SPECTRUM of the World. Don’t be afraid of the ART form that you are . . .  EMBRACE IT . . . yet . . . VISUALIZE THE WORK! Through EACH other and above all . . . OURSELVES.


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