BOOK II in the 2050 trilogy

Joseph P. Firmage





With modern technology, the world’s economies have been developing year by year into an increasingly powerful, electronically integrated global mechanism, programmed with code evolving through the convergence of international economic and political paradigms.

Evolving Economics written by Joseph P.Firmage is an equally broad historical study of the emergence of neoliberal capitalism in the 20th century. It explores the crises of capitalism and culminates with a 100-year vision of the economy of a more sustainable, egalitarian, and libertarian civilization, one compatible with transformative possibilities glimpsed in his other book titled, Revolutions in Physics.

Firmage also believes that the economic system is a stunningly talented networked mechanism that enables humans to collaborate in the provision of goods and services to any place on the planet and capable of decision-making and action at both individual and global levels.

With this in mind, his vision to further help society advanced over the next decades and sustain economic development came into fruition after The Academy of Science and Art’s Internet Economics Institute unveils the Internet Central Park, a breakthrough set of easy-to-use neural domain network built in collaboration with major registrars and powered by a platform of industry-leading tools to catalyze online economic development worldwide.