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The Poetry Base

This book is a dedication to a husband and a father from his wife and children for his selfless devotion to his family.


We, the family, hope that this inspires you to continue to write and share more of your mindful expressions.



Kesh are to be left long and flowing,

leave them alone to do the growing.

Wash and comb the knots away,

keep kesh tied up when you play.


Kesh must be kept tied with a dastar,

so you stand out as a Sikh from a far.

Looking after your kesh is your duty,

you know very well they’ll enhance your beauty.


Sikhs leave their child’s kesh uncut and long,

then as they grow up they know where they belong.

For Sikh identity kesh are a must,

then you know in the gurus you can trust.


Surrinder Singh


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