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My D.r.e.a.m. Journal—For Student Leaders

The teenage and early adult years can be confusing and sometimes depressing. There’s a lot to juggle: changes in the body, relationships – falling in and out of love, grades, college essays, college admissions, peer pressure, cyber-bulling, drugs, alcohol, issues at home, sibling rivalry…oh and keeping up on social media! The list is endless and a lot to sort through for a growing teen or young adult. I did not have as much to contend with in my days, yet many times, it felt like I was losing my mind. I was “depressed” most of my teen and early adult years, until I discovered how and where to anchor my soul.

How? By Authentic Journaling! Capturing and journaling my thoughts helped to focus my mind on what is and what could be, rather than what is not. I found my purpose on the pages of My Dream Journals. Once I discovered the cause to live for, every pain, disappointment, heartache and failure paled into insignificance.

The day I became aware of who I could be, my attention shifted from what I was or what people thought of me, to the possibilities that lie within me. Suddenly, people’s opinion of me did not concern me anymore.  I had discovered a Higher Opinion that pushed me beyond every opposition! I found this Higher Opinion through Authentic Journaling. I pursued and received the Blueprint for my life, and now I am living it!  You too can, as you start your life’s journey with My Dream Journal.