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This biography skillfully captures the life and times of one of the illustrious Sierra Leoneans, emeritus professor Kosonike Koso-Thomas. Kosonike is a visionary, a philanthropist, and one of the most successful civil engineers in the West African sub region.


Koso-Thomas is also a prolific writer. Among his fortes are autobiographies, biographies, and sentimental and aesthetic free-verse poetry. He has successful painting exhibitions to his credit in the United Kingdom and Sierra Leone.


The book delves bravely into uncharted waters and reveals some contentious issues raised by conspirators during his tenure of office as the principal of Fourah Bay College and vice chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone.


These revelations are for the edification of posterity. On top of that, the facts surrounding the issues are worth revealing. They will aid the solution of the challenges associated with the trying times that face the education sector in Sierra Leone and most of the African continent.


The success stories of one of Sierra Leone’s finest minds are worth telling for the inspiration and enhancing of the recovery projects that have been undertaken, especially in the tertiary sector.


The country’s development partners will find some of the recommendations made in this book extremely helpful. Articulated meticulously, they will rejuvenate the hitherto gold standard of education for which Sierra Leone was renowned in its heyday. Generally speaking, the recommendations are the prototypes required for the alleviation of the chronic funding challenges faced by higher education in Africa.


Beautifully woven in modern creative-writing style, this biography is coated in rich language sustained by appropriate concepts that befit the genre. It whets the appetites of social planners, academicians, policy makers, and legislators. Above all, it tickles as well as inspires the thinkers of our times.


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