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Ms. Happy was the first person I ever told about my recurring dumping-hole memory. The only reason I told her was because I had no other choice. For you see, a force beyond my control set my course of action years ago. My recurring dumping-hole memory had willfully plagued my existence for thirty years. I began referring to it as the flashback, though I don’t remember the first time I used that term. Like my other childhood memories, I assumed the flashback was just a recollection of a long ago guileless event that had had a small impact on my life at the time. During those thirty years, it never occurred to me that the flashback concerned my mother’s best friend’s daughter, Livvy Whitlock.


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Merrie Tawgg committed many sexual indiscretions in her younger years. Because of this, her four older children grew up never knowing the identity of their fathers. For reasons only known to Merrie and her best friend, Merrie kept the fathers’ identities a secret. When the children become adults, they perform a search to find this missing link in their lives. Through watching her children in this search, and the loss of one, Merrie learns that the most important thing in life is not the secrets she has been keeping, but the complete happiness of her children. Merrie is murdered before she can reveal the fathers’ identities.

Arri, Merrie’s niece, tells Merrie’s story and how she was able to uncover the secrets of Salmer Tawgg.