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Born on the Fourth of July in the USA, Tiffany Silva was born into a large family (the youngest of four children) in what she always considered the most beautiful part of America, New England. She completed her education, as far as high school there (graduating with high honors), and later, at the age of twenty-three, she moved to New York City with her closest sister, Joana. There she met unforgettable and beautiful people from every ethnic group existing. She worked in one of the most famous headhunting firms in existence; attended the city college of the University of New York, where she majored in English literature and art; and met her ex-husband there, a young Swiss man of German, French, and Italian origin and from whom she had two beautiful children—Amber, her daughter, and Omar, her son. Tiffany’s home is in sunny Ticino, the Italian-language part of Switzerland, where her children and grandchild also live.