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The Case of the Wrong Cream and Echoes from Cape Verde and America is the poignant, daring, heartfelt story of a woman, full of “agony and ecstasy”, pathos, and joys. A woman who had running in her veins blood from many ethnic groups— English, French, Italian, Spanish, West African, Dutch, Portuguese, Indian, and Chinese—all due to her parents having come from the Cape Verde Islands, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, which after over four hundred years of being under Portuguese domination finally gained their independence on July 5, 1975. Echoes from Cape is mostly a true story, but the names of people, places, and other things have been changed. A true story of a fearless and courageous woman, a woman who had to be born again many three times on four continents in order to finally merge with the fountain of all life, truth, hope, and faith: Jesus Christ, also known as the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, and Prince of Peace.

This is a story of a woman who has her roots in four continents:  Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. A story of a woman’s fight to gain independence (She was born on the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day) and freedom from any sort of dominance, whether from oppression, injustice, and racism, but above all from male domination, whether in the form of a son, brother, nephew, cousin, husband, lover, uncle, or father.


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