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Mwelwa C. Musambachime is a graduate of the Universities of Zambia in Lusaka (1974), Wisconsin at Madison, USA (1976, 1981) and Uppsala, Sweden (1994). He has taught at the University of Zambia 1974 –1997, 2005 – to the present. As a member of staff at the University of Zambia from 1974 to 1997, he served in many positions as Head of Department, Dean of the School of Education, Director of the Institute of Human Relations and Research and Graduate Studies He was also a visiting scholar at Miami University, oxford, Ohio), in United States of America(1984 to 1985); Cape Town (1991) and Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa(1993); Chancellor College, Malawi (1995) the several universities in the USA, South Africa, Malawi, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Burundi, Madagascar and France. History He was also a recipient of many awards. Between1997 to 2000, he taught at the University of Namibia as Professor and Head of the Department of History. Between September 2000 and March 2005, he served as Zambia’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative at the United Nations, New York and was non -resident Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba, and nonresident High Commissioner to Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and other English-speaking Commonwealth countries in the West Indies. Currently, he is Professor of History at the University of Zambia. He has done extensive research and published widely on in political, economic, social, health, veterinary, and environmental issues in Eastern and Southern Africa.